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Please read thoroughly BEFORE submitting your Booking Request!    


 I am currently booking for January - March of 2022.    





When are you booking for?

I book every 2-3 months. Currently I am booking for January - March 2022! 


What are your prices?    

My current hourly rate is $200/hr, with a $300 minimum. Anything under 2 hours is subject to a flat rate. At the moment I am booking half days (1-3 hours), and full days (4-6 hours). I do require a $100 non-refundable deposit. Once your project is approved, I will send you a link for your deposit and scheduling. If we are working on a large scale project, your deposit will be higher. All deposits will come off of the last appt, if appts are multiple sessions. CASH IS PREFERRED for the remainder of the cost on the day of your appointment.    


Do you give estimates?    

If you are only interested in an estimate, please complete the booking form so I can gather all of the necessary info I need to give you a proper estimate.    


Do you do consultations?    

Most projects do not need an in person consultation. I ask that you complete the form very thoroughly, and be detailed! I do not need to know the reason of Why you are getting the tattoo, but I do need to know any specifics you are hoping to include, so be thorough and include photo references!    


Do you do Cover Ups or Reworks?    

I cannot guarantee an appointment for cover ups or reworks, but feel free to submit them! I generally will take 1 cover-up or rework per month and priority usually goes to current clientele that have spent time building a rapport. It is also dependent upon the subject matter, and if you have had any sessions of laser removal. I suggest at least one session of laser removal if you are wanting a cover up.    


Am I guaranteed an appointment if I submit a booking request?    

Unfortunately, No. I have a specific style of tattooing that does not necessarily translate to all types of subject matter. It is only fair to my clients that I am choosing projects that I am excited about! Also, I have a limited amount of availability, so I generally don’t even get to select all of the projects I am interested in. Booking every 3 months allows clients the chance to resubmit for the next round if my books fill up quickly.    


If I am on the cancellation list, do I need to submit a new booking form?    

Yes! It’s not feasible for me to go through all previous booking forms, so please resubmit!    


Will you tattoo my hands, face, neck?    

I do not tattoo faces, hands, fingers, or necks of individuals who are not heavily and visibly tattooed.    


What if I change my mind on the design or placement?    

When we book your appointment, we are mutually agreeing to the information you have provided me regarding your design and idea. If you change your mind on what you’d like to get tattooed, I cannot guarantee I will agree to move forward. I am always happy to discuss options, and I will never pressure a client to get a tattoo they don’t want, BUT I also expect clients to respect my time and policies in return.     


Will you tattoo darker skin?    

Yes, I am comfortable tattooing melanated skin, and I am happy to discuss options for working with color if you have questions! I welcome all bodies, body types, and sizes! <3    


Do you do touch ups?    

Yes, I am happy to touch up my work (when needed) within six months of your initial appointment. Not every tattoo will need a touch up, you can always send me a photo if you think you might need one. This includes patchy areas and lines that didn’t quite hold solid. Clients will not be charge for a touch up unless it is due to their own negligence. Touch ups do not include adding new elements, changing colors, or work that has settled in and aged, tattoos are meant to age with you!    


What if I need to reschedule?    

Again, deposits are non-refundable. Please give a 72 hour notice if you need to reschedule your tattoo appointment for any reason, otherwise you will lose your deposit. If you are having financial issues, If you are feeling ill, or if you have been around someone who is sick, please contact me as soon as possible to discuss rescheduling options. Your deposit will be forfeit if you reschedule more than twice, or more than six months pass without an appointment.    


What kind of projects are you taking at this time?    

Projects I am currently accepting-    

I do prefer tattooing in full color, but will consider black and grey depending on the subject matter.    

Up for grabs designs and continuing projects will be given first priority.    

•Floral/ botanical    

•Fruits/  Veggies    

•Animals & Insects    

•Ornamental/ Mandalas    

•Celestial/ Tarot inspired    

•Crystals/ Magical    

•Art Nouveau    

•Your pets!    

•Vegan themes    

•Studio Ghibli, Harry Potter,    

or Disney inspired (in my style)    

•Possibly open to line work/ wood block style    

(blackwork) in any of the subjects listed above    


What kind of tattoos are you not interested in taking?    

Projects I am not currently taking-    






•Black and grey (depending on the subject)    

•Cover-ups & Reworks (cannot guarantee)    



-Tattooing can not be preformed if you are pregnant.     

-No alcohol or caffeine for 24 hours prior to appt.    

-You must be off Accutane for at least one year prior to your appt.    

-Please ask your doctor prior to booking if any medications you are taking will cause excess bleeding, or affect your healing process.    

-No tanning (includes self tanner).    


-Make sure to get a good nights rest.    

-Moisturize the area. Be sure to let me know if you are having any skin issues (psoriasis, sun burn, eczema, heat rash) in the area where you will be tattooed, as we will need to reschedule if this is the case.    



-Stay hydrated!    

-Eat a filling meal prior to arriving.    

-Bring a water or something with electrolytes.    

-Arrive with clean skin, no training prior.    

-Bring headphones or a book!    

-Wear loose, comfy clothing that you don’t mind getting ink on.    



You will receive very thorough instructions following your appt, but here are some things to be mindful of when scheduling.    

For 2 weeks following your appointment you will want to avoid the following for optimal healing:    

- No Swimming, soaking, hot tubs, pools, baths, saunas, etc.     

-No Tanning or Sun bathing, it is recommended to wear loose fitting clothing that will cover your tattoo to protect it form the sun.    

-Avoid any activity or exercise that causes excessive sweating.    

-Avoid Lifting weights.    


Please note- When listing your availability on the form below, please do not list a day where you have other obligations or time constraints. I cannot guarantee to have you out of the shop at a specific time. Please be sure to let me know if your time is limited on a day I offer to you.    


For booking and inquiries, please take your time and fill out the form below as thoroughly as possible. Double check ALL of  your info before submitting! Booking is not first come first served, so take your time. If your e-mail is misspelled, you will not receive my response.    


Once your form is submitted, you will receive an automated response e-mail letting you know it was received.    


Thank you and I look forward to working with you!    

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